Yafeelme from Daisha McBride

This is The Rap Girl. Or, her real name, Daisha McBride.

McBride is a 24-year-old rapper hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee. She studied at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), and after graduation, decided to move to Nashville to keep on pursuing music.

McBride has been rapping since age ten, but in her freshman year at MTSU, a clip of her rapping quickly went viral. Since then, she’s been continuing to build upon that initial spark, and has released a variety of singles, EPs, and one full-length album, Wild.

Now, McBride has just dropped her latest EP Yafeelme. The six-track project oozes both confidence and humbleness, as McBride celebrates her successes, as well as what it took to achieve those successes. There’s fluidity in the production, and McBride’s lyricism is topnotch (as always). Yafeelme is unapologetic in everything it brings to the table - introspection, power, and pride.

It starts off with “Ballgame,” where McBride states that she's done “holding her tongue” because “acting up is way more fun.” And she delivers throughout the rest of the EP - she certainly does not hold back.

“You don’t want things to get ugly,” McBride promises in the hook of “Get Ugly.” Her confidence is ever-present throughout all of her music, but “Get Ugly” is perhaps McBride at her most self-assured: “The city heavy, I carry it, and threw my back out/ The same rappers I look up to on my tracks now, you could say I’m hostile.” She shows pride in her home and her origins, too: “Born south of Kentucky/ We might walk with a limp, we like the bass to be muddy.”

On “23,” there is celebration mixed with a bittersweetness. It’s my personal favorite off of Yafeelme - the song traces McBride’s uncertainty with the future (“That’s what happens when you graduate from college and you’re stuck now/ Strangers in your face questioning you what now”) while celebrating how far she has already made it (“I’m 23 yeah, can't nobody tell me what to be, yeah/ I got all my people here with me, I can’t believe we made it, 23 yeah”).

Listen to all of Yafeelme below, and make sure to follow Daisha McBride on socials (she’s @the_rapgirl).