Watch PLAYD8s!

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Earlier this year, Nixie published an interview with Nadia Davoli and Emilie Kneifel, creators of the upcoming video series PLAYD8s w/ u + me. Well, now it's here!

The first and second episodes are currently available on YouTube, and episodes will continue to drop every Wednesday.

The first episode features guest Bára Hladík, who joins Me-Me (played by Emilie) in a cloudy bedroom to play, color, and talk. Together, the two talk about sounds, language, and listening. The aesthetics are beautiful and comforting, as is the conversation. Even the theme song is bright and lullaby-like.

The second episode features guest Vi-An and Me-Me wearing "science glasses" for the theme of science. It starts off with Me-Me asking Vi-An if the word "puddle" reminds her of anything from childhood, and Vi-An recounts a memory about trying to save worms after a rainfall. Again, watching and listening to this PLAYD8s episode had a comforting quality - just like sitting in a room with two friends, hanging out and coloring.

There's a bonus to watching PLAYD8s, too: There's a super cute dog. So find them on socials and watch below!

Instagram/Twitter: @playd8s_