This is Miloe's "Greenhouse"

Miloe, the project of Minneapolis' Bobby Kabeya, has released his newest EP, Greenhouse. And let me tell you – it is delectable, irresistible perfection.

Kabeya spent his early childhood in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and his parents taught him the piano when he just six years old. His family relocated to Minneapolis, where Kabeya continued to learn different instruments through local arts programs and begin playing music with friends.

Now, as Miloe, Kabeya is writing infectious indie pop combined with a rumba folk influence. And in Miloe's latest release, Greenhouse, he creates an atmosphere of optimism that leans into "teenage melodrama and idealism."

Miloe playing an electric guitar at a show, crowd members smiling behind him, drum kit behind him.
Photo by William Marcelin (@really_not_willy)

The EP kicks off with "Winona." It's light, danceable, floating in it's synth groove. It's melodies are catchy too, as the song references the amazing Winona Ryder: "My mind reader cut the corner in half/ 'Cause I need her/ Careless Driver/ My Winona Ryder/ I'm taking it back/ I wanna find her."

"Greenhouse," the title track, comes next, which I can best describe as audible serotonin. "Easier days, I've had easier days, I know you'll still be by side," sings Miloe. The song describes a relationship where personal struggles are becoming seemingly insurmountable, but the two still have "a greenhouse of ours." It sounds just like how the album art looks. Breezy, bright, and open. Blue in the lyrics, but warmth in the air.

On "Change Your Mind," I especially appreciate the intricate arrangement of all the different instruments and elements: electric and acoustic guitars, synths, drums, and other extra twinkly effects sparkle in just the right amounts.

"Marna" is simple; it is just voice and guitar, a lo-fi recording that creates intimacy as Miloe sings directly to someone called Marna: "Marna, I'll wipe my tears/ Thinking of moments we've had."

Greenhouse wraps up with "Everything (That Should Go)," a mellow, simplistic track, accented by piano, with Miloe writing in third-person: "Bobby's got a way/to lock himself away/ Man's got too much pride to let you look inside/ Miloe's gotta stand."

Ultimately, Greenhouse creates an atmosphere that is both intricate and light, warm and blue, soothing and danceable. In a word: Bliss.