"Strange Lover" by Half Dream has Magic and Bite

Half Dream, a band making self-described “dream folk” out of Austin, Texas, has released their newest single, “Strange Lover.”

“Strange Lover” follows up the release of “Celia,” with both tracks being previews of Half Dream’s upcoming debut EP, Monsters of Needing (due out April 2). The band comprises Paige Renée Berry, Tyler Jordan, Conner Strickland, and Vanessa Jollay.

Berry, who is originally from Knoxville, Tenn., moved to Austin in 2014 after a period of stagnation and an abusive relationship. Once she was in Austin, her music and writing began to flourish, and she gathered together the full lineup of Half Dream in 2018.

Cover art for Half Dream's "Celia"

Berry’s songwriting has a touch of magic to it, and her voice has bite. Half Dream's lead single, “Celia,” begins with big, resonant electric guitar, before leading into snapshots of Berry’s late grandmother. “I see the way your hands they look like flowers/ A vine unfurled beneath the morning sun,” she sings. The song is a dedication.

Half Dream’s second single, “Strange Lover” opens with the lines, “Where are you going?/ Will I find me there?” It’s a forceful song, nebulous and dynamic at the same time, as it portrays a murky, all-consuming relationship - the kind where you lose yourself, but maybe, you don’t want to lose yourself.

Listen to both “Strange Lover” and “Celia” below, and watch out for Monsters of Needing on April 2.