"Skin Sparks" from Nashville's Sugar Fïtz

A photo of Brianna Sage and Carrie Welling, who comprise Sugar Fitz, and it is the single cover for their song "Skin Sparks." Wearing a Bowie shirt and a Dead Kennedy shirt, respectively, both women are holding brightly colored balloons.
Photo by ANDREA COTHERN via Poor Man Records

Meet Sugar Fïtz.

Sugar Fïtz comprises Brianna Sage and Carrie Welling, and is based here in Nashville, Tennessee. The duo is now breaking through with their garage-punk-pop sounds; They've just released their debut single, "Skin Sparks."

"Skin Sparks" acutely showcases the duo's inspirations: 80s pop and 70s punk. “We wanted it to be fucking cool,” Welling said of "Skin Sparks." “The perfect make-out-with-anyone jam,” Sage added. The song is fast, glam, and fun, a sound that is reminiscent of Charly Bliss or the Aquadolls.

"You got some crazy kinda electricity/ You're a freshly opened soda pop," sings Sugar Fïtz in the second verse. The track does well to highlight the sharp harmonies between Welling and Sage, which were actually recorded remotely from quarantine into their smartphones.

"Skin Sparks" itself is a song of yearning. "No bullshit/ All I want is/ Skin Sparks," wraps up the chorus. But it's an carefree kind of yearning. Listen to "Skin Sparks" below.