Pandemic Artist Relief 2: A Compilation

Gardenhead Records, an online label based out of Washington D.C., began earlier this year as an effort to help raise funds for artists dealing with loss of income due to cancelled tours or other COVID-19 hardships.

Gardenhead Records released their first compilation in April, "Pandemic Artist Relief: Music in the Time of COVID​-​19," with proceeds from the album sales going directly to the artists. There were 26 artists, including songs from Swim Camp, Bluish, Pinkshift, and more.

Now, the label has just released their second compilation, "Pandemic Artist Relief 2," with the same aim of directing funds to artists. This time around, the record includes singles from artists such as Tiny Blue Ghost, Glass Beach, Miloe, and more - in total, the compilations boasts 29 songs from 29 different artists.

Follow the link below to the Gardenhead Records Bandcamp page to purchase the compilation (and the first!).