New Single, "Alive," From Maggie Gently

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Maggie Gently recently released her newest single, "Alive," another tease of her debut EP "Good Cry," to be released on May 29 via Brace Cove Records.

Maggie Gently is the solo project of Maggie Grabmeier, formerly of The Total Betty's. Her newest songs are emo-inspired, aiming for a restrained feel in the footsteps of bands like Snail Mail and Lala Lala. And for "Good Cry," she has also found inspiration outside of music, in things like Meg Hayertz’ "Make It, Mean It" tarot-focused guided meditations, lesbian romance novels, and the Enneagram. Maggie says the songs on "Good Cry" became "a project for processing doubt, learning to trust yourself, and eventually seeing a glimmer of a future where things are okay."

"Alive" is the second single released by Maggie Gently, following "Every Night." It's a vulnerable track, tracing both flickers of uncertainty and moments of relief, in the same way it moves between spots of softness and big energy. Maggie sings, "I can’t decide whether to curse you out/ Or kiss the ground because I made it out alive." Then, by the end of the song, she's again questioning whether she even made it out alive after all. "If that's even true," she sings.

Listen to "Alive" below: