New Music Nixie is Listening to...

There's so much good music out right now, so here's a compilation of new & recent music I've been listening to lately!

"Loser" by Grumpy

I'm kind of obsessed with this new record (I also got this on vinyl and it's beautiful!). It's filled by biting honesty, lightened by breaths of silliness. Grumpy is the project of Mason Schmitt, and "Loser" was released on March 27 via Acrophase Records.

Favorite track: "You Don't Like Dogs" (because who doesn't like dogs?).

"Pulp" by Ambr

Ambré, a singer-songwriter originally from New Orleans, released her latest EP "Pulp" in 2019, and it’s an electric collection of cool and mellow R&B grooves. Ambré’s lyricism is at the forefront of the project, like this verse in “band practice”: “Hello ghetto, let your soul breathe/ I can’t say I got offended when you stole me/ I think we went to war last night/ My mission was to catch your eye.

Favorite track: “free drugs.” The line “I got a rocket that look like a '64 Chevy, doors butterfly, candy paint” just hits right.

"Burst" by Snarls

I was instantly taken with Snarls the first time I listened to "Burst." Snarls, a DIY band out of Columbus, recently released "Burst" earlier this year, and it's the band’s first full-length album. It's is cathartic and emotional, crossing often from quiet yearning to unleashed anger.

Favorite track: “Walk in the Woods,” because I also like to walk in the woods and take late-night drives when I need to get something off of my mind.

"Vectors" and "How Can I Know You" by Carmen Canedo

Carmen Canedo has released two new singles in anticipation of her upcoming record, Know It All, out June 6th via OOF Records. Originally from Nashville, Canedo cut her teeth in the indie rock and DIY scene, though her own sound is heavily rooted in folk (the harmonies in “How Can I Know You” in particular remind me of The Staves). Both singles carry vulnerability and intimacy, and I’m excited to hear more from Canedo.

Favorite track: “How Can I Know You” (It’s those harmonies!)

"Fever Blush" by Fever Blush

Nashville DIY rock band Fever Blush (Jenna Moynihan, Chase Loyd, Matt Payne, and Logan Everson) recently released their self-titled debut, and it's a must listen! Each and every song on the record is tells a precise story, while channeling an undercurrent of urgency.

Favorite track: “Brick,” because of the power and agency expressed. ("Psycho" is another favorite of mine; it has more of a jangly, country feel, as Jenna questions whether she's in love or just a "psycho").

"Nightside" by Sad Penny

Nashville artist Sad Penny (the project of Jo Meredith) recently released a new EP, "Nightside." And just like 2017’s "Suncured," it’s a knockout. Sad Penny has continued on a unique indie rock sound with dashes of dreamy country, and "Nightside" is a distorted trip I want to take over and over again.

Favorite track: "Pissing," which tells a very vivid story. ("Stay Stoned" is a very close second, though).

"Too Good" by Haley Blais

Haley Blais’ debut album is set for later this year, and “Too Good” is the lead single. On "Too Good," Blais' voice is as soothing and as bright as ever, and her signature witty words remain. But there's also a shift - Blais' melodies are now surrounded by sad synths, instead of the usual ukulele. It works in her favor, though, and elevates the atmosphere just enough.

"Coming of Age pt. 1" by Maddie Medley

I’ve been eager for new music from Maddie Medley for a while - and now it's here! At three songs, her new EP "Coming of Age pt. 1" is short but sweet. It includes a new version of her already immensely popular song “Coming of Age,” a roaring anthem that shows off Maddie Medley’s vocal depth and power.

Favorite track: “Edith.” It's a gentle song, while keeping the edge of Maddie Medley’s first single, as she describes the burning fire of her mother, grandmother, and future daughter.