New from Slow Dress: "Back Into My Body"

Slow Dress has released their newest single, "Back Into My Body," the next-in-line of the tracks that the duo has been releasing over the course of this year. Previously, Nixie Mag wrote about their single "Everyday Affair" here.

One half of the duo, Katie Solomon, says of this newest single, "'Back Into My Body' is a song about re-discovering a connection to my body and re-learning how to feel present and safe in this world after a traumatic few years. It's about the process of welcoming joy and gratitude and many other beautiful things back into my life. Releasing this song comes at an interesting time for us as a band because Bredon is in the process of receiving treatment for cancer and he is exploring what it means for him to feel at home in his body while he deals with surgery and chemotherapy. This song is a reminder to myself and to anyone who needs it that it's possible to re-discover your relationship to yourself and the world and we can continually practice the work of coming home to ourselves."

Slow Dress is based in Boston and comprises both Solomon and Bredon Jones. They pair Solomon's reflections on the uncertainty of life, love, and emotions against Jones' intricate guitar lines. With their songs, they aim to navigate the contradictory nature of being human, and the end result is quite stunning.

"Back Into My Body," particularly, is a physical and visceral work. The final verse reads as such: "I won't forget how it felt to lose myself/ I need to listen/ Start dancing again/ Start dancing again/ Coming back into my body." It's a beautiful ode to remembering who are you, how you move, and how you can always start dancing again.

We can continually practice the work of coming home to ourselves.

Listen to "Back Into My Body" below.