New Compilation from Oof Records

New record label, Oof Records, has shared their first official release. Based in Washington D.C. and Brooklyn, Oof is an acronym for "Orbit of Friends," so naturally, the first release is a compilation. Simply titled Oof Comp #1, the tape features tracks from artists like Adult Mom, Gabby's World, and Thanks for Coming.

Oof Records began in the fall of 2019 after a dropped Facetime call between Ava Mirzadegan and David Britton. They're best friends, and they had recently pulled off a successful collaborative show in Brooklyn, The Friend's Recital. David had been discussing his new album with Ava, when her phone died, and she began to wonder if she could start her own tape label to release David's music.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to make a label, and being able to do it with and for my friends feels like the best place to start!” says Ava. “Starting it with David has been an incredible journey too. Our friends are incredibly supportive and talented, so we consider ourselves very lucky to be in our particular orbit...For right now, we are doing this thing for fun, but we have big dreams for what Oof could become and a willingness to continue putting out releases that are out of this world."

There's a total of 17 tracks on the release, and as I'm listening, I'm finding each one to be special and unique. There's familiar DIY and indie names - like Adult Mom - and there's names you'll probably find new, too.

One of my favorite tracks is "Dog Hair" by Harley Alexander, which is a sweet and fun ode to dogs. "Unconditionally loving is a dog's style," sings Harley. Additionally, I'm really loving the contribution from Bluish, a Brooklyn-based band. Their song, "Phase," is a little soft and dreamy gem.

Another notable track is "History Book" by Den-Mate, which has a slow build, turning spacey and electronic, adding just enough tension. Thanks for Coming's "Very Optimistic." is a heartrending listen, beginning with the lines, "I wasn't trying to break your heart/ I was only trying to make mine stronger." There's also a song by Nashville artist Carmen Canedo, called "Of Home." Canedo's upcoming album Know it All will also be released via Oof Records this May.

Oof Comp #1 has a little something for everyone, so check it out. It's available on Bandcamp, and the link is below. Keep on supporting DIY artists!!