New 7" from Nashville's Heaven Honey

Single art for "Total Abandon"

Via Cold Lunch Recordings and To-Go Records, Nashville's own Heaven Honey has recently released a new 7" featuring singles "Total Abandon" and "Tomorrow I'll Try." And it's a beauty! The artwork was pressed using a risograph printer by The Risology Club, and it also features a fold-out poster:

Images via Facebook and Bandcamp

Heaven Honey is fronted by Jordan Gomes-Kuehner, who was born in Hawaii and grew up in Indiana. She got her start in music as a drummer in the band Her Again, playing house shows in Bloomington throughout college. After the band broke up, Gomes-Kuehner switched her focus to guitar and songwriting, and in 2017, she formed Heaven Honey, a project informed by a variety of styles and genres.

The debut EP Head Case was released in 2018, which plays with pop melodies, atmospheric synth, and rock arrangements. In 2019, Gomes-Kuehner moved to Nashville. Earlier this year, Heaven Honey released two singles, "Total Abandon" and "Tomorrow I'll Try," both of which feel electric and bold. "Total Abandon," in particular, takes a look at the toxicity of gender roles, with Gomes-Kuehner writing, "I just want a taste, I’ve never known what it’s like to feel safe in this body and have peace of mind."

Of "Total Abandon," she told Nashville Scene: "I still feel frustrated, but a lot has changed since then, my perspective has changed. I never want it to seem like I'm trying to be this self-proclaimed poster child of feminism or wokeness or anything like that. Gender roles and femininity and masculinity are just complex themes that I like to dissect in my songs, though I never want to act like I know the answer to any of the issues related to these themes."

On the flip side, "Tomorrow I'll Try" is softer and dreamier, reminiscent of Mazzy Star with a tinge of country. The track is story of yearning: "I wanna know you, know you so bad," sings Gomes-Kuehner.

Listen and pick up the new vinyl through Bandcamp below!