Nashville artists to support on Bandcamp Day!

If you haven't heard, today is the day that Bandcamp is waiving their fees on all sales in order to help relieve some financial pressure that many artists are facing in the wake of COVID-19. That means that when you buy a song or album, 100% of the money goes directly to the artist!

So, I've compiled a list of some of my favorite Nashville artists (in no particular order and in no way could this ever be an exhaustive list) with music available on Bandcamp. So go listen and buy these records so you can support the Nashville music scene! Just follow the links below:

1. Grumpy

You can pre-order Grumpy's upcoming album, Loser, as of today! It'll be out on March 27. And you can listen to the three lead singles right now, which are all jams.

2. Katy Kirby

This is Katy Kirby's EP Juniper with three tracks, all beautiful indie gems.

3. Future Crib

Super fun jangly rock record - because Future Crib is a super fun band.

4. Lonely Vacations

Make a Living Making Time was released in 2018 - it's an indie pop-rock record that I'm pretty obsessed with.

5. Donors

Post-punk sounds from Donors. This self-titled EP was recently released in January 2020 (Donors also has another self-titled release from 2018).

6. O Summer

O Summer makes lovely indie tunes, and this is Lavender, O Summer's first EP.

7. Soy Milk Boy

Just listen! This song, "Puke," is really good.

8. Heaven Honey

Head Case is Heaven Honey's EP from 2018 - you can also check out the super new single "Total Abandon."

9. Vanosdale

Vanosdale's EP Sun-Bleach was released in 2018. I highly recommend checking this one out.

10. Peach

This self-titled release from Peach came in February 2019. It's so good - "I Dare You" is my favorite track.

11. Sinai Vessel

brokenlegged from Sinai Vessel is a stunning, emotional record from 2017.

12. Depression Breakfast

A Riot Grrrl punk band that protests "capitalism, Nazis and annoying lo-fi art boys." Just Because I'm A Womxn is both the debut and final record from Depression Breakfast.

13. Daddy Issues

Witchy rock and grungy pop. Deep Dream is Daddy Issues' sophomore album, released in 2017.

14. Lemondrop

"Strawberry Wine" is the most recent single from Lemondrop, who self-describe their sound as "if Joyce Manor, Maroon 5, The Black Keys, & Julien Baker decided to form a band together for some reason."

15. Ysa

Originally from Florida, Ysa is now making music in Nashville. Her EP, Bleu, isn't available on Bandcamp, but her two singles, "I Like Your Mouth" and "Cold," are!!