"Must've Been the Whiskey," by Mulan Throneberry

Meet Mulan Throneberry. She's a local Nashvillian, a recent graduate, and a powerful singer-songwriter. Throneberry, who goes by simply Mulan, released her first EP, "Hands On Me," in 2019, which comprises four songs that explore a bright pop sound. Then, earlier this year, she put out "Just This Once," a synth bop that I really enjoy.

Mulan has a long history with music and songwriting: She began piano lessons at just five years old. She recalls her first song being written at 11, and heavily inspired by Taylor Swift. Music propelled her through middle and high school, and it served as a way for her to heal. Eventually, she decided to move to Nashville to study music business.

Now, Mulan has released her newest single, "Must've Been The Whiskey." It's a darker and more sultry sound, a sound that works well.

When asked about the process of writing "Must've Been The Whiskey," Mulan said, "This song was inspired by a relationship where I just really went in full force, head over heels. I thought this person felt the same because he said he did, and once I realized that it was mostly the whiskey talking, I was hurt and angry. I had a co-write scheduled with Kyle Elliott, and he and I really just talked it out and hit the ground running. With my previous releases, I’ve experimented with folk-influenced sounds, stripped back piano/vocal arrangements, cheerful summery pop, etc, but somewhere that I haven’t gone yet is my edgier, angsty side. Going into the session with Cody Smiles, I knew that I wanted this to be cutthroat, honest, but still fun, and he really brought that whole vision to life. "

Listen to "Must've Been The Whiskey" below.