Listening to Molly Martin's EP "What You Need"

Released this past November, Nashville's Molly Martin (who also plays bass in Daddy Issues) debut EP What You Need is a riveting and cathartic listen. With four songs, it's a concise listen, and it will leave you wanting more, but in a good way.

Martin's solo sound is punchy, hard-hitting indie rock, with fuzzy guitars and touches of distortion. The EP opens up with the title track, "What You Need," which is lifted by Martin's biting, angry honesty: "It's a shame that I don't see that you're broken, unfeeling," she sings. "I need a partner, not a shit talker."

"Don't Come Calling Me" is smoother, with a grooving bassline. Martin shows her vocal prowess here, front and center, as she speaks to a lover: "If my love restrains you, don't come calling me." There's sadness, but acceptance, too.

"Take My Pills" is my absolute favorite on What You Need, a song that I've had on repeat lately. The track begins fast and low, only to keep building it's own self-imposed tension, which perhaps speaks to the subject matter: "I should take my pills." The depressive slumps that Martin describes are familiar to me, and probably familiar to a lot of listeners, too.

Closing out the EP, "Like I Do" is a song with a hint of brooding. It's certainly the most vulnerable of the project, embodying the uncertainty that Martin is outlining with her lyrics. "Do you like me honey?" she sings, reflecting on the yearning for someone who she doesn't who whether likes her back.

Speaking to Twenty Minutes Later, Martin said of What You Need, "I just want people to listen to these songs and feel a sense of their own humanity in them. I’m just anybody trying to do their best and stumbling along the way."

Molly Martin certainly succeeds in capturing moments of humanity and universal experiences. From insecurity to anger to desire to depression; It all keeps me returning, again and again, to this EP. Listen below.