Listen: "Space Cadet" by Grumpy

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

Local Nashville project Grumpy, led by Mason Schmitt, recently released their newest single “Space Cadet,” via Acrophase Records. And I’m obsessed.

It’s a heartwarming listen. It’s earnest. Schmitt’s voice is honey-like, sweetened by jangly guitars and percussion. It’s a song about a serious relationship, with Schmitt laying out all her cards and going all in. She admits to being “grumpy” and a “space cadet,” but ultimately she says to her partner: “This is what you’re in for / For the rest of this partnership / Which I hope never ends/ Because I’m sometimes a mess/ And when I’m with you/ I feel like I’m the best.”

“Space Cadet” is what it sounds like to look someone in the eye and say This is me, and I love you. Listen below.