Eclectic Change: New Compilation benefiting National Bail Out and Trans Trenderz

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

A new compilation is being released today, curated by east coast SLDG MUSC (or Sludge Music), titled Eclectic Change. Proceeds will be split between National Bail Out, a

Black-led, Black-centered collective focused on aiding the incarcerated and prison abolition, and Trans Trenderz, a Black trans-run, mission-focused label.

The project is lengthy, featuring 32 tracks and artists from all genres, including Anjimile, Sidney Gish, Christelle Bofale, and Camp Blood. There's demos, covers, new songs, and remixes. Anjimile includes a demo version of "Burden." Sidney Gish covers "Someone I Know" by Margo Guryan," and Christelle Bofale offers a new song "can i be a big girl."

Also featured on the compilation is music from Blxck Cxsper, the founder of Trans Trenderz. Of their label's mission, Blxck Cxsper says: “I founded Trans Trenderz in 2016 after launching the world’s first all trans mixtape of the same name. We’re a Black Trans led record label for trans musicians that prioritizes uplifting Black Trans voices to the mainstream, and I sincerely believe that every single artist on our roster has what it takes to be showcased on the biggest stages in the world alongside household names.

The only thing is, there is a reason why people in the music industry can say 'Black Trans Lives Matter' yet aren’t making space for Black Trans Musicians: collaborating with us is a financial risk. As I’m writing this today most of us are struggling to pay rent and feed ourselves, yet our names are literally everywhere. That’s why we need cash. Because visibility without financial security can be very dangerous and it should be everybody’s duty to make sure Black Trans people are safe.” Read more on Trans Trenderz here.

Listen and support Eclectic Change below.