Debut Album "Vestiges" from Poise

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Lucie Murphy has found herself. As Poise, Murphy has just released her debut album Vestiges, written in the summer months at a cabin in Vermont. Vestiges is incredibly strong and cohesive, dynamic and illuminating of who Poise is as an artist. It’s an introspective soundtrack of propulsive rock, playing with themes of relationships to self, family, friends, and lovers.

“A lot of this record is about finding confidence and learning to put myself back together when bad things happen,” Murphy says. “It’s about coming out stronger, despite everything.”

“Walked Through Fire” opens the record, setting the tone: potent, commanding, and charged. “I walked through fire to get here, there’s no way I’m gonna give up now,” sings Murphy. “New Kind of Love” is another moving and hopeful track, offering a new route to a friend in an unhealthy relationship.

There's gentleness on Vestiges, too. “Vestiges,” the title track, is a soft and aching ode to Murphy’s late father. Similarly, “Vessels” is another song of family and heritage, of what is shared and passed down: “No longer is my body a vessel for just one cause/Coursing through me always is your blood.”

Vestiges also considers the relationship with one's self. “I’m Not” takes a look at trying to change your own shape to fit somebody else’s desires. But “Everything I Want” uses the lesson learned and soars with confidence: “I’m already made of everything I want,” sings Murphy.

Like Murphy said, this record is about putting yourself back together. It’s about realizing that pieces of you have fallen, which pieces are missing, and how exactly to love yourself again.

Listen below.