Dear Readers

As I write this, Nixie has nine followers on Twitter. And I haven’t even bought the domain name yet. (I'm hoping my readership will eventually grow exponentially, and I can look back on this first post as proof of humble beginnings).

My name is Cheyenne, and I live in Nashville. Recently, I graduated from college and for my senior project, I created a zine. I called it Nixie, and I wrote about art, books, and music. It was only a single-issue zine that I never distributed, but the name stayed with me, as did the feeling of finally starting and finishing a project. Eventually, these feelings grew into the idea of turning Nixie into a full-fledged blog. And this idea I couldn’t shake.

So, for the past few months, I’ve been working on actually creating the blog. I’ve kept the name Nixie. It’s a music blog, sure, but I want to be more. Like the original zine, we will delve into books or film from time to time. I’ll be publishing a lot of my own writing, and I want to publish other’s too. Expect photography, essays, and pop culture critiques.

The word “nixie” comes from folklore, and in one translation, means “feminine water spirit.” This blog will publish with a feminist lens.

This doesn’t mean Nixie will exclusively write about or publish work from women and girls, but it does mean the ways in which I consume, find, and criticize art are intimately connected with feminism. So if you’re looking to submit, please know Nixie is inclusive of queer, POC, and womxn perspectives.

In the end, I know there are lots of DIY blogs out there and most of them are really good (drop a line if you want more recommendations). But why should you give your time to this one? I guess because I hope Nixie will also be really good.

Much love,