Are You Listening to Remi Wolf Yet?

Remi Wolf has moxie, groove, and flow. California native Remi Wolf released her debut EP You’re A Dog! this past September in 2019. There’s buzz around her, and it’s deserved. She makes infectious and fresh bops, fusing and securing a solid mosaic of funk, pop, and R&B.

The fan-favorite track - “Shawty” - is an electric, sex-positive jam. “Shawty wanna fuck me, but only when she likes me,” sings Remi. She is bisexual and has said “Shawty” is “about being a queer artist and having duplicity in what it meant to write music about a casual, yet fun relationship with a woman.” The track has hints of emotion and attachment, too. “I wish I could find another way to tell you that you’re not alone,” Remi sings.

Remi’s persona is fun and cheeky, and her lyrics can be just as cheeky: “I’d literally pee outside for you/ On Hollywood Boulevard,” she sings on “Doctor.” I absolutely love the track “Doctor” - it’s an anthem of power and taking back control. It’s charged with soul as Remi belts, “I don’t wanna be your doctor, you ain’t my patient, shit’s overrated.” Yeah, that shit is overrated.

Other songs on You’re A Dog! deal with toxic relationships (“Sauce”), loving someone unpredictable (“Rufufus”), and being anxious and indecisive yourself (“Guy”). Her writing feels wholly honest and relatable (Remi is now a recent college graduate, but she's been writing lyrics since age 15). On “Thicc,” which carries a slower vibe, Remi sings, “Living in my head all day, wonder why can never find the words to say/ Unless I’ve been drinking in a lonely space.” I think many of us live in our heads a little too much. Maybe Remi Wolf's music can help with that.

Listen to “Shawty” below: