Anti-capitalist tune from Slow Dress: "Everyday Affair"

Meet Slow Dress, an indie rock outfit from Boston with a lot to say. The group comprises Katie Solomon and Bredon Jones, who first met at an open mic night in Boston. The two played together in a band called Jakals, before deciding to break off and form Slow Dress, ultimately finding a sound that prioritized intimacy and lyricism.

This past spring, the duo recorded new music in Nashville, alongside producer Collin Pastore (Lucy Dacus, boygenius). They've been releasing these songs as singles, and now, they've just released the newest, titled "Everyday Affair."

Of the track, Solomon said, "In this song, I'm expressing my frustration about our capitalist society that seems to encourage everyone to become the same, to think in a similar way, and to follow a pre-selected path. So many people are struggling financially and emotionally under a system that oppresses all of us. We have to do more than just vote and expect others to make real changes for us when they've proven they won't." 

It's a song that critiques the way we live and the system we have to operate within, using Solomon's ethereal voice, a catchy melody, and Jones' moody guitar lines. It's quite haunting. The lyrics, too, are eerie upon a closer look: "The earth isn’t breathing under concrete and glue/ Our children are building with bricks, sitting in swamps of their skin."

Listen to "Everyday Affair" below. (Also, I highly recommend checking out their first two songs as well, "Butterfly" and Stew.")