Another Keeper by illuminati hotties: "ppl plzr"

When I saw that illuminati hotties had surprise-dropped another single, I got very excited. For the uninitiated, illuminati hotties is the project of Sarah Tudzin, a self-described “tenderpunk” who writes very good... well, tender punk music.

The new single, “ppl plzr,” is out now on Bandcamp via Tiny Engines. The best part (other than the fact that it 's an absolute jam) is that all profits are currently being given to The Trevor Project, an organization providing crisis and suicide intervention to LGBTQ teens and young adults (Find more information here, including the 24/7 call, text, or chat hotline).

Moreover, it’s only been a few weeks since the song was written. On Twitter, Tudzin explained that she “couldn’t wait for another album cycle” because she’s been “feeling a lot” lately. Well, “ppl plzr” made me feel a lot, too. Tudzin churns out a lot of alliteration in her lyrics, coupled with an impossibly catchy melody. A few gems include the lines “howlin heavy/ hopeless heat,” “zlightly zooted,” and “stylish soothsayer.”

“ppl plzr” details a familiar story: being left by a love, only to feel inadequate after, like you’re the “drugstore brand” compared to someone else. Tudzin asks, “How can I prove I’m a keeper?”

It’s a question a lot of us may ask ourselves, however, it’s clear that “ppl plzr” is definitely a keeper.