Listen to "All My Friends" by Blushh

I’ve had “All My Friends” on repeat lately. In this track, released earlier this spring, Blushh distills a mix of emotions: The fear of being left behind while also being unable to move forward.

“I had a life, too, before I met you,” sings Shab Ferdowsi, the singer and songwriter of Blushh, “I had a dream, too, before I met you.” Ferdowsi encapsulates what’s it’s like to be at a crossroads or a threshold, knowing your life has a “before” and an “after.” It's the feeling of being caught in a middle ground, and you're unsure of where to go.

Loneliness runs behind nearly every line of this song. “It’s getting harder to leave my bedroom,” Ferdowsi sings. There's a heaviness, too, like Blushh is trying to pull us along and get us out of whatever slump we’ve been in. The guitar licks sting and the chorus is big, only to get bigger at the end, where gang vocals amplify the left-out sentiment of “All My Friends.”

Like a pretty bouquet of anxiety and depression, but in song-form, “All My Friends” is a perfect fuzz-pop listen, whether or not you decide to just stay in bed tonight.