LOBSTERBOMB is a new band from the Berlin underground; formed in 2020, the trio comprises Nico on vocals and guitar, Vik on drums, and Crayon on guitar. Together, they make some very danceable and fresh garage rock.

Over the course of 2021, LOBSTERBOMB has been steadily releasing singles, and their third and most recent is "Wake Up," a song that chronicles the frustrations of monotonous routines. The band has plans to release their first EP this summer.

I caught up with the band, and we got the chance to talk about LOBSTERBOMB's origins, the music scene in Berlin, and more. Read on to check it out.

So you’re LOBSTERBOMB! How did you all meet? When did you start playing music together?

Vik: We met in January 2020 via the Instagram account @weformedaband in a small basement in Berlin and have been playing together since then.

How did each of you start playing music originally?

Nico: I started playing music when I was 4. Later, when I was about 12, I joined the school choir. Some awkward photos of this time still exist out there. In my 20s, I had some attempts to play in bands, but always went back to playing solo, just writing and experimenting.

Vik: I learned to play the keyboard as a child. As a teen, I bought a guitar that I never played until the last couple of years. I took it more seriously and practiced guitar and more recently, I started playing drums regularly. I think I’ve found my favorite instrument, even though I still like the other ones. Crayon: I started playing guitar as a teenager and had a lot of attempts to start a band that never went anywhere. I put out some very DIY solo work in the last few years and also did some musical theatre before finally finding LOBSTERBOMB where everything seems to click really easily.

I see that you’re based in Berlin. Is everybody from Berlin originally?

Vik: I’m from Nuremberg in Bavaria and moved here in 2014. I don’t think I’ll go back even though Nuremberg has a great subculture which the city is trying to wipe out for some reason. Crayon: I am originally from the UK but have lived in Berlin for over ten years now. It is definitely home for me.

Nico: I live in Berlin since 2002. The city was a great life teacher. Originally I'm from Saxony.

How would you describe your sound? Who are your influences?

Crayon: It is direct, raw and energetic. Something like Iggy Pop via Bikini Kill.

Nico: I am influenced by 60s, 70s (psychedelic) rock, Motown, Blues, and so much more…

Can you tell me a bit about the music scene in Berlin? What are some of your favorite venues, or fellow Berlin bands?

Crayon: There are so many cool and interesting bands here at the moment, it will be a lot of fun when gigs finally return. We keep a playlist of some of our current favorites called LOBSTERBOMB RADIO.

Vik: I loved Internet Explorer and An der Autobahn because I love DIY venues a lot. One of my favorite bars is Tennis Bar in Neukölln which brings together a lovely community with amazing musicians. Nico: Berlin changed a lot and I miss some of the good old rock venues that kinda disappeared over the years.

You’ve released a couple singles already in 2021. Is there an album or EP in the foreseeable future?

Crayon: We are currently working on an EP and hopefully it will be out this summer.

What is currently inspiring the writing of these songs? Or, if it’s already written, what are some of the inspirations or life events behind the songs?

Crayon: We have the songs already– we've been in lockdown most of the time since we formed so we have had plenty of time for songwriting.

Nico: I write whatever comes spontaneously into my mind. It’s a very intimate expression of a particular moment. I don’t have a higher purpose than just give my feelings a form and hopefully inspire other people, make them feel understood and seen. Every song is its own little universe.


Listen to LOBSTERBOMB's new single "Wake Up" below.