Nixie is mostly an online music journal, so we mostly write about music. But sometimes, we want to write about other stuff. Nixie began as a single-issue zine for a class project. Nixie's namesake is a feminine water spirit in Germanic folklore.


Meet the Editor


We're open to new pitches and contributors, so please contact us at While we focus on music, we want to publish new avenues of cultural critiques, takes, and personal stories. Basically - we like fresh ideas! We also welcome photography and art, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Musicians, Bands, and Publicists: 

Please take a look around our site to get a feel for the types of music we like to cover. Women-identifying and nonbinary artists are a priority in our coverage. 

We don't publish premieres, and we typically don't cover music videos. We do publish write-ups on singles or full projects, as well as Q+As. 

We will try to respond to every email, but if you do not hear anything for two weeks, we will be passing on your submission. Please refrain from repeated follow-ups. 


We are always looking for personal essays/cultural commentaries. You can send us a first draft, or even just an idea! 

We are also looking for more entries into our "How I Discovered" series. Check the first one here

Lastly, we are also looking for writers who want to review music, TV, film, books, or podcasts. Let us know what you want to write! 

Photographers & Artists: 

We are looking for photo essays or any other photography project. Shots from live shows are very welcome! 

We would also love to publish original illustrations, collages, sketchbook pages, or any other form of art. Send it our way! 


Nixie's editor and founder is Cheyenne Rayne. Cheyenne studied English at Belmont University and lives in Nashville. She loves all things Phoebe Bridgers.